From satellite systems to microelectronic manufacturing, Boswell Technologies provides expert consultancy services.

Previous consultancies have been in the area of using plasmas to create powerful positively charged ion beams of up to 30 kV to alter surfaces properties of materials.

Plasmas can also be used for creating microelectronic chips. A factory (or FAB) used to process silicon wafers into chips costs over $5 billion and has hundreds of plasma machines costing $5 million to do the etching and deposition required to make the transistors and connections. Boswell Technologies has consulted to this industry for the past 30 years.

Thrusters for spacecraft can be cold gas, electrothermal, arc plasma, ion beam and electrothermal plasma and Boswell Technologies has experience in all of these technologies.

Long term to short one-off relationships can be accommodated. Please contact Rod Boswell for further details:

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