EM2: Earth to the Moon and Mars in the Pub

This June we’re setting up bases on the Moon and Mars. How will we survive somewhere with no atmosphere, no organic soil, no running water?

Scientists from a wide range of subjects will talk about the challenges and solutions of humans moving beyond the earth. How will we stay warm and grow crops? What will we breathe, eat and drink?

This event is sponsored by Boswell Technologies in conjunction with Smith’s Alternative and Phil Up On Science.

The line up:

  • Professor Rod Boswell (ANU Physics, Stromlo & Boswell Technologies) is the mastermind of the lunar simulation project and wants as many people as possible to join with him to design the domes, test technology and think through the problems before it’s too late (view the talk).
  • Professor Jon Clarke (ANU Earth Sciences) is a geologist and the president of the Mars Society, who’ve been running tests using the Australian desert as a simulated Martian environment.
  • Dr Emma Tucker (ANU Medicine) will talk about how bodies work in low gravity – or not – and the dangers away from Earth’s protective atmosphere and magnetic field
  • Matt Shadwell (ANU Physics) is designing a building that can withstand being pressurised to 10 tonnes per square metre i.e. to contain an earth-like atmosphere.
  • Dr Tory Clarke (ANU Biology) is a crop scientist, working on how to make plants more resilient in harsh environments.
  • Dr Brad Tucker (Stromlo ANU) will be talking about what and how we can mine on the moon.
  • Dimitris Tsifakis (ANU Physics) sets up radio links with satellites as they pass overhead, he’ll discuss how we can connect the NBN to the moon, so the astronauts don’t miss any episodes of Big Bang Theory.

MCed by Dr Phil Dooley of Phil Up On Science.

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