Building the vacuum dome for the lunar environment

A concrete dome to house the test lunar environment is under construction in northern NSW. Here’s a summary edit of progress:

This episode features footage of the construction of the first concrete dome that will be used as a test lunar environment – pumped down to a vacuum and filled with basaltic sand. This three metre diameter dome is a precursor to an eight or twelve metre version.

Footage courtesy of Chris Brown, Founder & CEO Domeshells Australia, a designer and developer of basalt fibre reinforced concrete shell structures. These domes provide homes and shelter capable of withstanding environmental extremes such as fire, earthquake and cyclones. More info:

If you want a deep dive into the specs, check out the detailed edit of Chris’ footage:

EM2 is the Earth to Moon to Mars project, to develop and test technology for humankind’s colonisation of other worlds. NASA has identified a moon base as the spring board to a mars base, so Boswell Technologies is spearheading a grass roots effort to test as much technology as possible before it goes into space.

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