EM2 in the Pub, Part 3: the geology of the Moon and Mars

EM2 in the Pub, Part 3: The Geology of the Moon and Mars – featuring DUST and Professor Penny King (Research School of Earth Sciences, ANU).

This pub night in Canberra brought together a range of experts to discuss the issues associated with colonising the Moon.

EM2 is the Earth to Moon to Mars project, to develop and test technology for humankind’s colonisation of other worlds.

NASA has identified a moon base as the springboard to a Mars base. Boswell Technologies is spearheading a grass roots effort to test as much technology as possible before it goes into space.

Filmed at Smiths Alternative Canberra, May 2021. MCed by Dr Phil Dooley (http://philuponscience.com.au)

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