EM2 in the pub, part 4: a tour of the solar system’s moons

From EM2 in the Pub (May 22 2021), a tour of the solar system’s moons with Debussy.

This episode features Dr Phil Dooley taking us on a tour of the solar system’s moons with Debussy as accompaniment. After sharing some fascinating moon facts, we visit nearly 100 moons in the solar system, right out to Pluto.

Do you know how many moons Jupiter has? Or which moon is the largest? Some might contain liquid water and be a possible host to life! While other moons are so large they are actually a binary planetary system. Find out on in this amazing eight minutes of entertainment.

Dr Phil accompanies the tour with the atmospheric (on a moon?!) strains of Debussy’s Clair de Lune.

EM2 is the Earth to Moon to Mars projects, to develop and test technology for human kind’s colonisation of other world.s

NASA has identified a moon base as the springboard to a mars base, so Boswell Technologies is spearheading a grass roots effort to test as much technology as possible before it goes into space.

This tour of the solar system’s moons with Debussy was part of a pub night in Canberra brought together experts from a range of sciences to discuss the issues colonisers on the moon might face. Other talks you might like to watch include Professor Penny King on Moondust and Dr Brad Tucker on mining.

Penny King takes us on a tour of the moon's geology
Professor Penny King LOVES dust!

Watch more at the Earth to Moon to Mars YouTube Channel, or check out the Facebook page.

There are many strands to making a moon mission a success, so browse the site to find out a few of the different efforts we are working on.

Or if you have an idea or expertise you would like to contribute, email Rod Boswell to get involved at roderick.boswell@gmail.com.

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